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23 Signs You Might Be A Sentimental Person – Good Or Bad?

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A woman sitting thoughtfully on rocks by the ocean, capturing the essence of sentimentality

Sentimental people are often described as the “keepers of memories,” the human scrapbooks who preserve every moment, good or bad. But what exactly makes you sentimental? Let’s dive deep into 23 telltale signs that you might be sailing in the sentimental boat.

1. You Save Everything, Even the Trivial Stuff

Old movie tickets, love letters from middle school, or that broken pen your best friend lent you during your exams—you save them all. These mementos remind you of moments and feelings that you never want to forget.

“A sentimental person thinks things will last. A romantic person hopes against hope that they won’t.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

If you find that you’re often making comparisons between different phases of your life, this might stem from the memories you’ve saved. However, it’s worth noting that comparison is the thief of joy, and sometimes hanging on to the past too tightly can rob you of the present.

2. Words Mean More To You Than Actions

Words captivate you, whether they’re written in a book, said in a heartfelt conversation, or captured in an inspiring quote. You have a collection of positive words to describe someone or situations, and you refer to them when you need a lift in your spirits.

3. Your Playlist is Filled with Nostalgic Sentimental Songs

For you, music isn’t just a melody; it’s a time machine. Listening to specific songs can instantly transport you back to different eras of your life. Your playlist is often an emotional rollercoaster that takes you from happy memories to sentimental tears.

4. You Have an Affinity for Quotes

Whether it’s about mental health or a simple note to inspire positivity, you have a treasure trove of affirmation quotes and positive quotes that you look at regularly. Quotes, for you, serve as mental bookmarks that help you make sense of your life and emotions.

5. You’re Emotionally Invested in Sentimental Objects

To you, objects aren’t just things; they’re full of meanings and memories. A mere glance at a specific item can flood your mind with thoughts and emotions. Your sentimental value for objects often outweighs their material value.

6. You’re Overwhelmed by Kindness

Acts of kindness, whether big or small, deeply touch you. You’re likely the kind of person who has a collection of kindness quotes saved somewhere and cherishes the virtue in others and yourself.

7. You Value Humbleness

Sentimental people often find beauty in the simple, humble aspects of life. You have an intuitive understanding of the attributes of a humble person, and you highly value this quality in others as well as in yourself.

8. You’re Big on Self-Care

You’re sensitive to your own needs as well as others’, making self-care a priority. Your phone or journal is filled with self-care quotes that serve as a friendly reminder to take time for yourself amidst the chaos of life.

9. You’re Sentimental and It’s Linked to Your Authenticity

Authenticity and sentimentality often go hand-in-hand. Your sentimental nature is a key aspect of your authentic self. Whether it’s keeping it real with yourself or others, authenticity is a trait you value highly.

10. You’re a Pro at Reminiscing

You’re the person who’ll spend hours looking at old photos, reading old letters, or revisiting places that hold a special meaning to you. Your ability to reminisce is both a blessing and a curse, making you attuned to the depths of your own emotions.

In conclusion, sentimentality isn’t just about clinging to the past; it’s about deeply valuing the moments and emotions that make us human. Yet, it’s important to strike a balance, as being overly sentimental can sometimes hinder your ability to enjoy the present. So, if you’ve identified with these signs, you might just be a sentimental individual for better or worse.

Whether it’s the power of positive words, the wisdom in affirmation quotes, or the beauty of being selfless, every emotional facet contributes to the sentimental person you might be. And that, dear reader, is something worth cherishing.


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11. You Keep Journals or Diaries

Not just for jotting down daily occurrences, your journals are like time capsules filled with thoughts, dreams, and feelings. The art of putting pen to paper serves as an emotional release for you.

12. You’re an Empathetic Listener

When someone speaks, you don’t just hear—you listen. Your empathetic nature makes you a great friend and confidant. Listening, for you, is an emotional exchange that adds to your repository of sentimental experiences.

13. You Enjoy Solitude

Some might mistake your love for solitude as aloofness. In reality, you treasure your alone time because it gives you space to reflect and appreciate life’s smaller moments. It’s during these times that you might leaf through your collection of mental health quotes for a little extra introspection.

14. You Remember Dates

Not just birthdays or anniversaries, but random dates too—like the day you met your best friend, or the date of your first job interview. These milestones hold sentimental value for you, and remembering them is your way of honouring the significance they bring to your life.

15. You’re Highly Affected by Art and Literature

Whether it’s a painting that moves you to tears or a book that you can’t stop thinking about, you form strong emotional bonds with works of art and literature. Like a true sentimentalist, you find positive words to describe how these pieces affect you.

16. You Cry Easily

It doesn’t take much to get the waterworks going. You cry at movies, during heartfelt conversations, and sometimes, when you’re overwhelmed by the beauty of a sunset. Your emotional sensitivity is not a weakness; it’s a testament to your depth of feeling.

“Tears come from the heart and not from the brain.” – Leonardo da Vinci

17. Acts of Kindness Make Your Day

Whether giving or receiving, acts of kindness touch your soul. You’re the kind of person who not only savors these moments but also fortifies them with inspirational kindness quotes.

18. You’re Philosophical

You enjoy pondering the bigger questions in life, diving deep into philosophical dialogues about purpose, meaning, and existence. These questions are important to you because they form the emotional and intellectual architecture of your sentimental framework.

19. Your Moral Compass is Strong

Sentimental individuals often have a keen sense of right and wrong, strengthened by a strong moral compass. Whether you are consciously aware of it or not, your actions are frequently guided by this sense of morality, often backed by your reservoir of selflessness.

20. You Believe in Affirmations

Positive affirmations aren’t just words for you; they are lifelines that pull you back to your center. Your belief in the power of affirmation quotes helps you navigate life’s ups and downs.

21. You Give Personalized Gifts

When it comes to gifting, you put thought into personalising presents, making them unique and heartfelt. It’s your way of making sure that the person receiving the gift knows how special they are to you.

22. You’re Moved by Music

More than just a playlist of favourite songs, music for you is an emotional narrative. You often find that certain lyrics seem to encapsulate your feelings perfectly, much like your curated list of positive quotes.

23. Your Sentimentality Fuels Your Authenticity

Yes, we’ve come full circle back to authenticity. You don’t see your sentimental nature as a separate part of you; it’s integral to your authentic self. Living an authentic life means embracing your sentimentality and turning it into a force for good. Here, our article on 11 signs you’re an authentic person can help affirm that.

Wrapping It Up

Being sentimental isn’t about living in the past; it’s about cherishing the beauty in every moment, and keeping a part of it with you as you move forward. Sentimentality enriches our lives in profound ways, but it also requires balance. Too much nostalgia can sometimes veil the beauty of the present. So go ahead, celebrate your sentimental nature but also remember to savour the ‘now.’

So, how many of these signs did you identify with? Whether you found one or all 23, being sentimental is a complex and beautiful trait that makes you uniquely you. Cheers to the sentimental souls out there, may you continue to find joy, wisdom, and balance in your emotional richness.


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